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Premium Plus Package: 2x72 Grinder with 2HP VFD

Contact Wheel Size:

The Premium Package includes a 2HP motor, VFD, small wheel kit, Mareko platen, adjustable tool rest, and choice of 8” or 10” contact wheel, bevel table, dual axis tracking, slack attachment and small wheel kit. This kit also comes with our Brodbeck Belt Kit plus our new wood belts.

The chassis includes all parts & hardware items to assemble the grinder. This kit includes aluminum wheels: 2” Platen, 4” Tracking, and 5” Drive with 5/8” bore (other sizes can be requested at an additional cost).

Variable Speed Motor:

KBAC 27D VFD 115V (household voltage) or 230V single phase input. 230V 3-Phase output (115V input reduces motor output from 2HP to 1.5HP). Variable Speed Wiring Kit includes start/stop switch, wiring, and connectors.

2HP 60 HZ 6.2/2.9A 3600 RPM TEFC

Contact Wheel Options:

8” Diameter Wheel, Bracket, & Arm

10” Diameter Wheel, Bracket, & Arm

Small Wheel Kit:

Small Wheel Bracket, 3/4” Wheel, 1” Wheel, 2” Guide Wheel

Mareko Deep Platen

The Mareko Deep Platen is a combination of a flat platen, 4” contact wheel, and slack belt attachment. It was designed by knifemaker Mareko Maumasi to provide maximum value and efficiency as it minimizes tool changes. The extra depth allows the user to work both sides of the platen without the tool arm interfering with the work. This is particularly important when removing stock and when contouring handles. This platen is a great alternative and cost reduction to having a dedicated flat platen and a contact wheel.

Adjustable Tool Rest

The adjustable tool rest has been designed for maximum tilting in both directions as well as height adjustment. It is great for cutting false edges, bevels, clip points, octagonal handles, and fullers with our fullering tool. The tool rest is constructed of 5/16 and 3/8 thick plate steel to ensure durability and stability. The three-handle design was chosen to eliminate accidental rotation typically observed with other adjustable tool rest designs that use a round bar and set screws for adjustment. The adjustment handles also allow full adjustment without the need of tools for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

Slack attachment 

The Slack Grinding Attachment is highly versatile in shaping many different contours. This can be compared to a rotary platen in functionality.

Beveling Table

The Beveling table is designed to aid the grinding of flat and hollow bevels. It tilts from 2 to 45 degrees. It is 14” W x 10” D x ¼” thick with cutouts, allowing the user to hold thinner work with more control safely. It can be used on all Brodbeck Ironworks machines with the Flat Platen, Mareko Platen, and Large Contact wheels. 

Dual Axis Tracking System 

The Dual Axis tracking system introducing toe tracking to our already existing chamber tracking to create an easy to track and easy to fine tune to get the belt exactly where you want it. This tracking system also works great with the belt in reverse.

Brodbeck Belt Kit plus wood belts

Our Brodbeck Belt Kit was put together to highlight our Brodbeck line of 2 x 72 belts.

The kit includes:

  • 2 - 36 grit Incinerator belts
  • 2 - 60 grit Revolution belts
  • 2 - 120 grit Revolution belts
  • 2 - 120 grit P-flex belts
  • 2 - 240 grit P-flex belts
  • 1 - 240 grit Game Changer belt
  • 2 - 320 grit P-flex belts
  • 1 - 320 grit Game Changer belt
  • 2 - 400 grit P-flex belts
  • 1 - 400 grit Game Changer belt
  • 1 - 600 grit Game Changer belt
  • 1 - 50 grit Wood Chipper belt
  • 1 - 80 grit Wood Chipper belt
  • 1 - 120 grit Wood Chipper belt

21 Belts in Total

NO welding is required for assembly. Chassis arrives unpainted.

Contact us if you have any questions.