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Rotary Attachment

The Brodbeck Rotary attachment is our most versatile attachments ever. It combines a slack attachment, flat platen, and contact wheel all in one.

The 8" long flat platen utilizes a high temperature ceramic glass to reduce friction between the rubber belt and the platen. When coupled with our misting system, it reduces friction by over 50%. This results in less heat and more time grinding.

Our Rotary Platen also features a 6" wheel that is great for profiling, shaping handles and grinding bevels. The 6" wheel is serrated for increased air flow through the attachment.

The third feature is the slack area. It is great for rounding and contouring since the abrasive belt is fully supported by the rubber belt.

This attachment IS NOT intended for Heavy stock removal. Heavy stock removal will generate excess heat can potentially melt the rubber belt and require you replace it prematurely. A replacement belt can be purchased here. A misting system can drastically decrease grinding temperatures and be purchased here. Replacement ceramic can be purchased here.

Comes on a 1.5" squared tool arm.

This product is shipped powder coated/zinc plated and assembled.