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Evenheat Knife Oven - KO 22.5


Inside Dimensions: 9" W x 5.5" H x 22.5" D
Exterior Dimensions: 20" W x 19.5" H x 28" D

The KO Series of heat treat ovens are designed with a thicker firebrick structure and a maximum temperature of 2400°F. This extra insulation and headroom offers more speed and more power per cubic foot for high mass loads.

The KO Series heat treat ovens feature side opening doors that don't subject you to the added heat of a drop-down door. They also feature a forward facing door latch that remains cool and is within easy grasp.

The KO's are available in a variety of control choice options as well as the solid state output option (which you want).

The KO Series feature a special high temperature element wire normally reserved for high temperature, ceramic applications. This special alloy plays nice at temperature and allows us to reach a maximum of 2400°F (1316°C).

The KO's are constructed of a thicker, 3" firebrick (the standard is 2-1/2"). This added thickness provides more insulation for a faster heat up and higher temperature potential.

Evenheat uses Thermal Ceramics insulating firebrick exclusively in all our products. This firebrick is made exclusively in Augusta Georgia, USA out of some very special Georgia ground. It's by far the best available.

Side Opening Door

Heat treating requires the removing of some very hot material from the chamber in order to quench. Everything in the chamber is hot, which includes the door. The doors on the KO's swing out and to the side, a full 180° if you need it. This puts the super-heated door well away from you as you concentrate on the work at hand.

The side opening door is an excellent design choice and makes all the difference.

Cool Touch Handle

The handle/latch on our swing out door is conveniently located at the front of the door, not hidden along the side. This spring loaded, phenolic handle is cool to the touch, is one-handed in design and serves as the door latch as well.

Door Shield

The KO's feature a door shield to provide protection against firebrick damage as well as to reduce the temperature seen at the door and door handle.

2400°F (1316°C) Maximum Temperature

The maximum usable temperature for the KO models is 2400°F (1316°C). This maximum should cover every steel you're likely to encounter, and some you never will!

Swing View Control Enclosure

All temperature controls used on the KO's are fitted into our Swing View Adjustable Enclosure.

The Swing View is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows you to rotate the control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. Once you're done, lay it back down to see it from across the shop. It's that simple. The swing view pairs well with TAP touchscreen control as viewing angle can be perfectly aligned.

Strong Stand and Tool Rest

The stands of the KO's have been upgraded to a stronger design and include a tool rest.

Quiet Drive Solid State Relay

Evenheat's patented Quiet Drive Solid State Relay is hands down the best investment you can make in your kiln!

With no moving parts, this relay is able to be triggered up to 60 times a second as opposed to the upper limit of 10 times a second on the default mechanical relay. This means incredibly tight temperature control ensuring each and every one of your firings is as accurate as possible.

The Quiet Drive uses a special method call "Zero Crossing" that will ensure that the heating elements are off when the voltage is at 0V - Giving your heating elements a break so that they will last longer, and you'll save energy. Since there are no moving parts - the Quiet Drive Solid State relay should never need replacing! You will save money and time by never needing to worry about this in the future.

Controller Selection

Evenheat has close relationships with the manufacturers of a variety of digital controllers. This means you will have nothing but the best the best in terms of performance and accuracy in your firings.

With a selection of multiple controllers available - you can choose exactly what fits your needs.

TAP Touchscreen Smart Controller by SDS Industries

The top of the line. The bread and butter. The cream of the crop. The controller for those who want to make their lives easier, improve their craft, and make incredible quality products.

The TAP Smart Controller is without a doubt the best choice on the market right now - It's easy to use, has stellar performance, and is packed full with features! It has more memory than any other controller, allowing you to more easily utilize, revise, and save many different kinds of firing programs. Storage for firing programs is virtually unlimited! Create as many profiles, with as many steps as you'd like - you won't be limited by this controller.

When ordered with the Wi-Fi Dongle, you can control everything from any device! Prefer to work on your computer or tablet - how about your phone?

With an internet connection to your TAP Smart Controller, updates from SDS Industries can be applied to your controller automatically - ensuring you always have the most up-to-date software for years to come!

Easily adjust the in-progress firing, skip steps, and view all graphical information on your firing with just a "TAP"!

The amount of time you save by working with the TAP Smart Controller pays for itself for years to come - you'll be so happy with this investment that you won't know how you managed so long without it.

The TAP Smart Controller supports the Loud Alarm option.


The Rampmaster provides additional versatility over the Set-Pro controller. With a numerical keypad, it allows the operators to create up to 12 firing programs, each including up to 8 segments. On-the-fly adjustments and other menu functions are available to provide additional control and create your ideal firing profile.

The Rampmaster also supports the Loud Alarm option.

Loud Alarm Option

Don't worry about missing when your firing or treatment is complete - With the loud alarm option you'll slice through any loud shop to the tune of 80 decibels. The Loud Alarm Option will notify you when your ideal temperature and hold has been reached, and more importantly - when it's over.

The TAP Smart and Rampmaster III controllers support a built-in jack for an easy install; simply plug it in.

MK Blade Fixture

A necessity for all knife makers! The MK 1 and MK 2 Blade Fixtures are used to hold your knives in place during heat treating.

The MK 1 will hold 4 blades, and while it is designed for the Evenheat KH series, it will fit in the KO, KF, and LB series as well.

The MK 2 will hold 6 blades and is designed for the Evenheat KO, KF, and LB series. It will not fit the KH models.

Power Interrupt Switch / Automatic Lid Shutoff

The power interrupt switch is a useful safety feature which removes power from the heating elements of your kiln once it is opened, and reapplies the power once the lid has been closed. If you believe you'd ever like to open the kiln during firing, the power interrupt switch is a highly recommended addition to your new purchase.