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Evenheat Knife Oven - KO 22.5


Inside Dimensions: 9" W x 5.5" H x 22.5" D
Exterior Dimensions: 20" W x 19.5" H x 28" D

The KO Series of heat treat ovens are designed with a thicker firebrick structure and a maximum temperature of 2400°F. This extra insulation and headroom offers more speed and more power per cubic foot for high mass loads.

The KO Series heat treat ovens feature side opening doors that don't subject you to the added heat of a drop-down door. They also feature a forward facing door latch that remains cool and is within easy grasp.

The KO's are available in a variety of control choice options as well as the solid state output option (which you want).

If you want to heat treat CPM Magnacut or other steels at the 2200°F this is the ideal kiln for you. Due to the higher maximum temperature that last 200° will not take as long to get to as a kiln that has the 2200°F as it's max temperature.

The KO Series feature a special high temperature element wire normally reserved for high temperature, ceramic applications. This special alloy plays nice at temperature and allows us to reach a maximum of 2400°F (1316°C).

We use Sandvik heating element wire for all of our products. It winds nicely, it stretches evenly and it tends to last. It's just good stuff.

The KO's are constructed of a thicker, 3" firebrick (the standard is 2-1/2"). This added thickness provides more insulation for a faster heat up and higher temperature potential.

We use Thermal Ceramics insulating firebrick exclusively in all our products. This firebrick is made exclusively in Augusta Georgia, USA out of some very special Georgia ground. It's by far the best available.

Side Opening Door

The KO Series uses a side fire only design inspired, in part, by culinary bladesmiths who generally make long, thin blades blades. These bladesmiths needed to use the entire length of the chamber without overheating their blades at the back wall. We took a fresh look, got rid of the rear wall heating element, and nailed it.

The front to back temperature distribution in the KO is incredibly even. Positioning in the chamber has no effect and the entire length can be used.

The KO, with it's side-only element design, is the new standard!

Cool Touch Handle

The handle/latch on our swing out door is conveniently located at the front of the door, not hidden along the side. This spring loaded, phenolic handle is cool to the touch, is one-handed in design and serves as the door latch as well.

Many thanks to those who have offered feedback on our door handle/latch. We have updated the design to make centering, inserting and all-around operation cleaner and easier!

Door Shield

The KO's feature a door shield to provide protection against firebrick damage as well as to reduce the temperature seen at the door and door handle.

2400°F (1316°C) Maximum Temperature

The maximum usable temperature for the KO models is 2400°F (1316°C). This maximum should cover every steel you're likely to encounter, and some you never will!

The best part about the KO models maximum temperature is it can get that 2200°F faster than a kiln with the same temperature as it maximum, resulting in less time waiting on the kiln to heat up.

Swing View Control Enclosure

All temperature controls, except for the Set-Pro, are fitted into our Swing View Adjustable Enclosure.

 The Swing View is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows you to rotate the control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. Once you're done, lay it back down to see it from across the shop. It's that simple.

 The swing view pairs well with TAP touchscreen control as viewing angle can be perfectly aligned. You'll love it.

Strong Stand and Tool Rest

The stands of the KO's have been upgraded to a stronger design and include a tool rest.

Quiet Drive Solid State Relay

It's the job of the relay to turn the heating elements On and Off. A solid state relay can do so up to 120 times per second which allows for incredible temperature control. It also does so without the given, eventual failure of a mechanical relay. We fully expect our solid state relay to last the life of the unit.

Evenheat's Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System does away with the mechanical relays traditionally used in kilns and replaces them with solid state relays.

 Traditional, mechanical relays wear out and fail at some point. They have to and they always will. Not so with the solid state. Solid state means there are no moving parts, nothing to wear out and nothing to replace.

 Solid state also means superior heating element operation resulting in tighter temperature control, longer element life and enhanced performance.

Controller Selection

Temperature control is the heart and soul of the kiln. Evenheat works closely with both SDS Industries and Bartlett Instrument to bring you the latest in technology, performance and design.

Our most popular control is the TAP which combines a large touchscreen with superior performance. The TAP was designed from the start to work with all firing and heat processing styles.

TAP Touchscreen Smart Controller by SDS Industries

The TAP is our most popular temperature controller: its wonderfully simple operation, excellent control capability and well laid-out touchscreen just rock.

Nowhere is simple-use more evident than in the single touch needed to access your ceramic firing schedules. Just touch the Start key and all of your schedules are immediately displayed for selection. Schedules are displayed in full, easy to read text.

The TAP comes preloaded with multiple ceramic firing schedules as well as virtually unlimited space for your custom schedules. Creating your custom ceramic firing schedules is easy and relaxed. The TAP walks you through the process with on-screen displays and text that are easily understood and followed. Once created, your schedules stay as long as you want them.

Temperature control is tight and on the mark. Overshoot and ripple are kept to a bare minimum, particularly when coupled with our Quiet Drive Solid State output. Consistency is not an issue as the TAP performs reliably time after time.

Rampmaster 3

The Rampmaster 3 is our traditional full featured control and features a 4 digit display. It offers two programming methods depending on your needs and experience: Custom Mode and Express Mode.

Custom Mode is a programming method that allows you to define all aspects of the firing from temperature rates to set points and hold times. This programming style is perfect for heat treating and custom glass firing programs. Custom Mode offers full artistic control.

Express Mode is a programming method designed exclusively for glass work and offers an easy, 3 step programming process. Simply key in your glass COE, firing style and firing speed to create the firing program. It's quick, it's easy and it's accurate.

The Rampmaster 3 control will work with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System.

Loud Alarm Option

Cut through your shop noise with our Loud Alarm Option. The Loud Alarm sounds at an irritatingly loud 80db. It will definitely get your attention so you'll never miss the opportunity to properly quench again.

If your KO was built after mid-April 2014 (Serial #107120 and higher) it contains a built-it in alarm jack for this optional loud alarm. Simply attach the loud alarm to your control enclosure and plug it in!

Works on both Rampmaster 3 and the Tap control

MK Blade Fixture

Our blade fixtures were designed specifically to hold your blades vertically and securely. They're stable and are designed to provide ample space for foil wrap inflation. This fixture holds 6 blades or slots for packets.

Our MK 2 Blade Fixture is designed to fit the KO Series chambers.

Power Interrupt Switch / Automatic Lid Shutoff

Our optional power interrupt switch removes power from all heating elements as the door is opened and reapplies power as the door is closed.

The switch used for this feature is a true safety switch and is designed specifically for safety applications. Those wishing to enter the oven during use should strongly consider requesting this option as an added measure of safety.

This feature allows for the kiln to not overfire (and overheat your knife steel) due to being open while in use when the door is reclosed.