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The new Brodbeck Pneumatic Power Hammer is designed for hobby and light production work. The 40 lbs ram provides a great balance between size and capability.  While this hammer is fully capable of forge welding damascus, it also has the fine control necessary to forge work to shape.

The hammer ships with a set of flat dies.  Flat dies are well suited for general forging, dressing to suit your needs, and for use with hand held tooling.  Additional die options are in development and will be available soon. 


  • 40 lbs ram
  • Requires a minimum 4 CFM @ 90 PSI compressor  (See below for compressor sizing details)
  • Approximately 120 hits per minute
  • 400 lbs machine weight (before filling with 200 lbs of sand after installation)
  • 18x30 inch base
  • 76 inches tall

Compressor Sizing

At 4cfm @ 90 psi, you'll get approximately 60 seconds of run time. A midsized 120v compressor is often in this size range.  This is perfect for working one project at a time.  A larger compressor is recommended for heavier work, or sharing the hammer among multiple users.